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How Many Vases Do you Have?
Posted on Mon, 20 May 2019, 03:30:00 PM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  divorce and real estate,  divorce realtors,  experienced divorce realtors,  divorce matrimonial home,  condo living,  selling a family home,  estate sales,  Protect Buyers,  Protect Sellers,  Market 2019,  Renovation,  Client matters,  Neighbourhood Knowledge,  neighbourhood information
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How Many Vases

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The Graff Girls Know: Call To Action.
Posted on Wed, 10 Apr 2019, 01:50:00 PM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  divorce and real estate,  divorce realtors,  experienced divorce realtors,  divorce matrimonial home,  estate sales,  Protect Buyers,  Protect Sellers,  Comfort Living,  Client matters
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We are in the “make it happen” business. That’s what clients hire us to do.

  • When clients need to sell their home quickly, and for the best price, we make it happen.
  • When clients need to find and buy their next dream home, we make it happen.
  • When a client wants the entire process to go smoothly and successfully, we make it happen.

How do we make it happen? When we begin working with a client, we ask a lot of questions. It’s important for us to clearly understand what a client really wants. Then, we use our professional skills, training, knowledge, and experience to make it happen!


So, if you’re looking for a “make it happen” REALTOR®, give The Graff Girls a call.

   Cheryl Graff                      and                   Samantha Graff

416-587-1314                                             416-219-2931

Sales Representative

Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

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Staging Makes A Difference
Posted on Thu, 21 Feb 2019, 08:00:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  divorce and real estate,  divorce realtors,  experienced divorce realtors,  divorce matrimonial home,  condo living,  selling a family home,  estate sales
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Before & after

The Graff Girls Know....

Staging makes a difference. 

It’s been said, for every $1 you put in you will receive $2 back on the sale of your home but, not everyone has the budget to hire a professional stager and pay for the furniture.  


Here are the 5 Golden Rules of Staging when on a budget. However, we highly recommend you speak to knowledgeable and experienced realtors and stagers first.



Remove all your personal photos and degrees.



Less is more. You want your place to look as spacious as possible. Clear out the closets. If need be store elsewhere.  Light is important and creates a sense of space. Be sure shades are open! 



A dated home will receive less. Simple changes can be spraying kitchen cabinets, changing hardware on cabinets, changing bedspreads, towels, shower curtains if you still have them. 

Remove rugs in front of sinks. It makes space appear larger. 



Paint is your Best friend for making a huge difference in a feeling and style for the least amount of money.  Simply put...Keep it neutral. You want to attract a larger market. 


Want to know more specific tips for staging?

Contact The Graff Girls. We will go room by room with you to maximize your home sale! 

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What happens when you list your home with a realtor who is your family or friend ?
Posted on Mon, 17 Dec 2018, 04:55:00 PM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  divorce and real estate
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What happens when you list your home with a realtor who is your family or friend ?

As a full time award winning realtor mother daughter team for 23 years, we both receive plenty of emails like this one:


Dear Samantha,

I am writing to you as I am renting my furnished penthouse at XXX steps from Buca, Gusto and Jimmy’s, and wanted to get it on your radar!  It’s just been featured as BlogTO’s Rental of the Week. This is a doorman building with a fantastic gym, massive terrace and indoor fob access to Loblaws and Winners. It’s listed with an agent friend however I’m writing to you in case your clients may have interest.


Our clients never have to worry about their property once they retain us as their realtor.  We handle the A to Z from staging, to marketing, to showings to selling to selling at the maximum price.  Our client do not take back the job of marketing their property.  That is our job and we take it very seriously.


If you are considering the possibility of selling or leading your property always remember to hire a qualified realtor you can trust and you get what you pay for always. 


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Are Homes on the Rise In Your Neighbourhood
Posted on Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 07:50:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies
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price up or down
The second week of September produced an upward spike in home prices on new properties in desired areas in Toronto.  
Just this weekend...
In less than 5 days on the market, a detached home in Avenue Road and Lawrence area SOLD for more than $300K over asking.
In less than 3 days on the market, a semi in Wychwood Park SOLD for more than $150K over asking.
Now you ask, what about the home that sat on the market for months...the home that switched agents...the home that reduced the price...the home that SOLD way below what the owners ever anticipated?
If you hire realtors who are honest, have integrity and are experienced in all markets, they will guide you responsibly.  Some realtors will tell you what you want to hear just to get your business.  So choose wisely.  
If you have any questions about home sales in your area, call THE GRAFF GIRLS for advice you can trust.  


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Should I sell my home now or wait til Spring 2019?
Posted on Thu, 13 Sep 2018, 04:35:00 PM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  divorce and real estate,  divorce realtors,  experienced divorce realtors,  divorce matrimonial home

plan a plan b


Should I sell my home now or wait till Spring 2019? 


This is the #1 question that clients have been asking The Graff Girls over the last few weeks. 

 There is risk on both sides.  Yes, the market has softened, but it also rose exponentially in the last 10 years.  It may stay steady or drop.  Some of our clients do not like risk and, since they were thinking of selling in the next few years anyhow, they are selling now.  That is the least risky choice to make. 

 With over 50 years of combined real estate experience in the GTA, we have seen market highs and lows. We also have a positive, but realistic, outlook as we believe Toronto is a highly desirable city to live and invest in. Are there obstacles to a stronger upward market? Absolutely! 

 Want to know what they are and how that affects your home and your neighbourhood? 

 Together we will educate you to maximize your sale price and reduce risk. 

 Book a meeting with us to discuss the sale of your home in the present real estate market versus the spring market. 


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Do you have to sell because you got an offer on your scheduled offer date?
Posted on Sun, 26 Aug 2018, 09:50:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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question house

What are your options when you do not get the sale price you expected for your home? 


This is a common question often asked. This is especially commonplace when using the strategy of holding back offers (ie. delaying the acceptance of offers until a target date to build up hype).


Option one: Stay put, don’t sell and wait to see what the market brings you later. You do not have to sell your home just because you listed it for sale.  It may fare better in a subsequent market.  With the exception of sellers who are forced to sell due to divorce, death or because they already bought a new home, you are the one in control.  


Option two: Accept the highest price, sell and move on.  You may sell for lower than expected but you may also be buying at a lower price.  Even if you are not, whatever you earn is tax-free.  


Option three: Cancel your listing, allow a period of time to pass and then come out as a new listing at a price you are willing to sell your home. That way, your listing is seen as fresh and the DOM (days on market) is low and not a negative factor.  


If you need a second opinion on selling your home, let The Graff Girls discuss their sales strategy with you.  


Samantha Graff.          Cheryl Graff

416-219-2931      426-587-1314


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Divorcing? Tips on Selling Your Matrimonial Home
Posted on Tue, 10 Jul 2018, 11:55:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  THE GRAFF GIRLS STATISTICS,  divorce and real estate,  divorce realtors,  experienced divorce realtors,  divorce matrimonial home
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Divorcing? Tips on selling your Matrimonial Home

Divorce raises many emotional, financial, legal and housing questions. At a time of separation, the spouses have many questions swirling around. It is at this very difficult time that homeowners need neutral, objective and expert advice.

Do I stay in our home?

Can I afford to buy out my spouse?

What can I get if I sell?

divorce house

THE GRAFF GIRLS are real estate experts who have helped hundreds of divorcing couples make the right decisions.

Some of their clients decided to stay put. Samantha and Cheryl have helped them set the buy-out price and helped the other spouse relocate nearby.

Some of their clients decided to sell.  In which case, Samantha and Cheryl have helped them maximize their sale price and found them new homes close by.

THE GRAFF GIRLS have a preferred list of professionals that we trust and regularly rely upon for our valued clients.  Samantha and Cheryl work closely with other experts such as stagers, mortgage lenders, financial planners, family lawyers, divorce mediators, therapists and movers.

But the most valuable advice that Samantha and Cheryl give their clients is a careful and balanced review of the emotional, lifestyle, financial and legal considerations for each options.

Do I stay in our home?

THE GRAFF GIRLS have advised divorcing spouses for decades and have helped them navigate this change of lifestyle with ease, speed and integrity. The decision to remain or vacate the family home is a heavy question to answer. Cheryl and Samantha will help you consider all of the reasons to stay, and all of the reasons to sell, so that you have carefully considered all your options. Most importantly, Samantha and Cheryl are familiar with the schools, programs and services in the different parts of Toronto to assist you in considering the consequences on the children.

Can I afford to buy out my spouse?

THE GRAFF GIRLS are award winning realtors who have established their reputation at securing sellers the maximum sale price, but also the very best terms of sale (eg. closing date). This is no small matter.  Samantha and Cheryl encourage and are happy to introduce you to well respected, experienced financial advisors and/or accountant sto help determine your situation. 

What can I get if I sell?

THE GRAFF GIRLS will study the sale prices of all nearby properties sold and then analyze the differences to arrive at the fair market value of your home. They will also help you understand what your net proceeds will be after the sale of the property. That way, you make an educated decision to buyout your spouse.

Before you make any decision regarding the sale of your home, be sure to speak with THE GRAFF GIRLS. Cheryl and Samantha will ensure you consider all your options, and understand the ramifications of each choice. With this information, you are sure to make the right decision that is in your (and your children’s) best interests.

Since 1995, THE GRAFF GIRLS have helped over 1,000 families buy and sell their homes in the GTA. Year after year, they have maintained a high standing across the board of TREB. They were recognized in 2017 as being in the top 1.2% in sales. Source: IMS

How to get in touch:

Samantha Graff 416-219-2931 

Cheryl Graff 416-587-1314 

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Comparing April to May Toronto Real Estate Market
Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2018, 06:00:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services,  THE GRAFF GIRLS STATISTICS
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The Graff Girls have consistently been Award Winning realtors  in Toronto for over 35 years.  Their achievements are a reflection of their expertise, diligence, discretion and strong negotiation skills.
 Both Cheryl and Samantha are greatly respected by their clients and peers alike, as is evident by their high level of repeat business and ongoing referrals.  
The Graff Girls marketing strategy goes beyond the local market of Toronto via online and print advertising through exclusive Harvey Kalles affiliations. 
Toronto's real estate market has had some recent interesting comparable statistics between April 2018 and May 2018. 
*Sales are up 
*Active listings are up
*Average price is up
*Days on market are down 
The Graff Girls have well qualified clients to purchase homes in a variety of neighbourhoods.  They would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in the strictest of confidence to provide a free market evaluation of your home.   
Contact us:
Samantha Graff 416-219-2931
Cheryl Graff 416-587-1314


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