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Wow, it has been 30 years since….
Posted on Fri, 02 May 2014, 08:42:48 PM  in Reviews

village spa new front


Having grown up in the Bayview and York Mills area, my visits to Bayview Village started over 30 years ago. Hence, I have witnessed quite the transformation of this mall.

One visit that has remained consistent is one to The Village Spa. Having a mother in Real Estate it was important that her nail polish was all on or all off! I think that rule was really made by my father but was a learned behaviour for me. Presenting, writing up listing agreements, offers and yes, they were hand written with carbon paper for copies back then! So, your hands were seen! You also met with clients face to face, aka as LIVE at all hours!

The first time I went for a real manicure not a polish change, I was a bit nervous as I was not sure what to expect. I didn't love scissors in other people's hands. I had super long hair always and scissors were not a friend to me. The woman who did my manicure was so nice and complimentary she put me at ease right away. Of course, I got red nail polish which I still wear to this day and felt like a princess!

Just before my bat mitzvah, we went for a blow-dry with no haircut. This was a little new to me and I didn't really get it but I tried. Lots of fussing but I figured it's what women do and for those that don't know a bat mitzvah is a right of passage to womanhood. All the girls at school were going to get their hair done or "oh boy", facials at this stage. For me these facials weren't so much fun as they were necessary at this age but they did help make me feel better about myself and I still do them today to keep everything clean and fresh. Adult breakouts stink!

The Village Spa is celebrating 30 years of business at Bayview Village! I thought it was fitting to write and wish them a very Happy Anniversary! How few relationships last 30 years!

Furthermore, being close to Mother's Day and since I obviously can't give my mom a sammyg gift.... Mother's Day Special Packages are now available and you get an awesome BONUS gift with each package purchased!

Mother's Day is next Sunday May 11th! 

Enjoy your time with family! Your mom is always with you even if simply in your heart or memory!

From our family to yours...

Xo The Graff Girls

All you need is us!

The Village Spa

Bayview Village Mall

2901 Bayview Avenue



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Tuesday, 02 July 2013, 08:01:29 AM
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Facebook has encouraged and allowed us the pleasure of reconnecting with friends + colleagues.
I just recently revisited a restaurant I had not been to in many years at their New location Vittorio's on Avenue Road by Davenport
Sadly, Vittorio passed away but his recipes have remained under new ownership with Cicco.
Cicco worked with Vittorio. So, it is no wonder Vittorio's was as wonderful experience, 10 yrs later.
I have been there twice in the last 2 weeks.
Once for drinks + apps - loved my smooth chianti vino + buffalo mozzarella caprese salad + oysters.  Their website says $.99/oysters Monday - Saturday but ours were $1.75. You might want to clarify if it is an old ad or it's only during certain times. I only noticed it by writing this post. :)
The 2nd visit was on a Saturday night - Chicago Hawks/Bruins game. We were fortunate enough to get a table on a beautiful night by the open door and watch the game on the corner tv screen! Made for the perfect win/win date. Too bad that one didn't work out long term :)
Back to the food + vino. I had the special grilled scallops + shrimp that was in a delicious sauce and my date had a salad he loved and a chicken pasta combo.
Our waiter + Cicco himself were fabulous! I will definitely be returning with friends and perhaps another date if you have a fabulous man to introduce me to who loves a great Italian resto near Yorkville.
I might tolerate baseball seeing that the Hockey season is over (yay -CHI-TOWN!) + hey, the Jays are having a nice win streak! Ok ok Blue Jays Blue Jays. LET'S PLAY BALL!
Til my next post
SMILE + enjoy the heat

xo Samantha Graff

aka as the "Youth" in Youth + Expereince = Success!

The Graff Girls - You hire us...You GET US!

137 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

416 924-7441

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Posted on Thu, 16 May 2013, 11:08:58 AM  in Reviews
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Ossington Avenue continues to thrive with restaurant additions such as Salt Wine Bar.

I will absolutely be returning to Salt sooner than later and here is why...

From the moment I walked in I felt relaxed & comfy, yet knew I was in an upscale resto.

Our server catered to us in a relaxed and friendly way. My friends and I were very busy catching up and taking forever to order.

So many amazing fish/seafood choices that I was happy to be dining amongst friends who's palates are unlike my own as I never would have leaned towards what ended up being my FAV tapas of the night - Wild Boar Tacos - an absolute must experience! I continuously am reliving this meal and must return for more!

Although, the server suggested what I am sure was a fab red wine, I just had to go with the California CAB SAV which like the Wild Boar, did not disappoint me at all!

None of our dishes quite frankly were even mediocre. I would order all the same items- buffalo mozzarella cheese + tomatoes w/ OMG maple bacon bits - diver scallops and beef burger without hesitation on my next visit. That being said I have many more must try items such as: grilled calamari

If you need a dining partner for Salt Wine Bar by all means call me!

Enjoy and share your experience as always!

xo Samantha Graff

aka as the "Youth" in Youth + Expereince = Success!

The Graff Girls - You hire us...You GET US!

Salt Wine Bar

225 Ossington Ave

Toronto, Ontario

416) 533-7258

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Posted on Wed, 10 Apr 2013, 09:15:43 AM  in Reviews
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irony wine



I will have to do more research and ask around about white wines as I only know a few.

So, we will start with red wines and follow up with another post next week!







Garnet red colour; minty, dark fruit, vanilla and plum aromas; dry, full bodied palate, with fine acidity and berry flavours.



Made in: California, USA 
By: J Lohr Winery


Ruby colour; cassis, blackraspberry and oak spice aromas; dry, medium bodied; generous fruit flavours, balanced acidity with soft tannins and oak spice to finish







Deep garnet colour; dry and medium-full bodied with aromas and flavours of cocoa, cassis and eucalyptus; medium tannins. Long finish.






This cabernet sauvignon, by third-generation members of the Indelicato family, provides a lot of flavor for the price. It is chock-full of plum and blackberry fruits with balanced oak flavors and good acidity. Wine of the Week. (Catherine Seda,, Nov. 29, 2012)



ON SALE TIL APRIL 28,2013 FOR $17.95 REG. $19.95






The Hope family, owners of Liberty School, helped transform the 'wild west' of Paso Robles into a wine lover's destination, crafting delicious wines like this rich Cab, with its black fruit flavours. A real crowd-pleaser with barbecued fare or a meat lovers' pizza.



Made in: California, USA 
By: Delicato Vineyards

Full-bodied & Smooth

This cabernet sauvignon, by third-generation members of the Indelicato family, provides a lot of flavor for the price. It is chock-full of plum and blackberry fruits with balanced oak flavors and good acidity. Wine of the Week. (Catherine Seda,, Nov. 29, 2012)




Made in: California, USA 
By: Rodney Strong Vineyards 

This Cab has classic blackberry and currant fruit flavors, along with cocoa notes, cassis and dusty mint aromas. Like the more expensive Rodney Strong offerings, this is a very well made, mid-palate wine, with no flabbiness or excessive oak to mar your pleasure. Take it out for a spin with a grilled rib-eye. (Ted Scheffler,, June 28, 2011)




When Justin Baldwin founded Justin Vineyards in 1981, there were fewer than 10 wineries in the Paso Robles appellation. This release features ripe dark plum, raspberry and dried fruit aromas that give way to sweet oak, berry and cherry flavors. A somewhat lean, high-acid style with slightly grippy tannins on the finish. Recommended. (Lynne Char Bennett, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 21, 2012)


Let us know your thoughts/feedback



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Posted on Mon, 08 Apr 2013, 04:27:03 PM  in My services,  Reviews, etc.
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Out of 36,000 agents in the GTA

- THE GRAFF GIRLS were in the top 6 percentile of units sold

& top .5% of value


- THE GRAFF GIRLS sold their homes in an average of 6.5 DAYS compared to the overall average of 33.2 days it took to sell a home.


- THE GRAFF GIRLS average sale was $1,794,750

- 262% higher than the TREB $495,391 average price


- THE GRAFF GIRLS sold their listings at 98.5% of asking price

*stats are from TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board)


A referral is the highest compliment our friends, family or clients can ever give to us. Thank you to all who have continued to pass our names on to their own family, friends, colleagues and/or clients.  Your confidence and support is greatly appreciated.

Cheryl and I look forward to meeting your nearest and dearest in 2013 or when the time is right!

Happy April! May SPRING get its groove on sooner than later!




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Tuesday, 12 March 2013, 10:12:34 AM
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Buonanotte restaurant is one for your social dining "bucket list"
I had heard lots of "buzz" on Facebook on this trendy Montreal restaurant brought to the Toronto scene by none other than Charles Khabouth.
So,of course, if Charles is involved, Facebook says its trendy, hot and "liked", one must experience.

I booked a table for 4 on my fav night out Thursday, with one committed diner and two "can I let you know night of" kind of peeps.  You know peeps with kids or single workaholics! :).

It ended up being one friend and I.  As we entered the restaurant we felt the energy and vibe, and soaked in the high volume of hip professonal diners, we knew it was going to be a great night!

We were greeted by friendly, attractive hosts, coat check person, bartenders, waiters and one of the owners himself. We were treated with the ultimate gusto!

We bumped into two male friends of mine from high school and one of their colleagues and decided to experience Buonanotte for the first time together.

Complimentary app of cucumber and tomatoes was sent over and if you watch my FB photos or know me I make this at home all the time ie. another FAV dish! I am no chef, but I CAN BAKE and prep little things such as this app. It was tasty and so kind of them to send over. Thank you!

The Italian Cab Sav we chose was smooth, full bodied and went well with all our dishes. So, you also know we enjoyed our night even more.

From my past restaurant reviews I am sure you have noticed I tend to stick to seafood , fish dishes or meat. I was leaning towards their Branzino but when chatting with one of the owners he told me I HAD to try the pizza. Since there were 5 of us sharing all sorts of things it was an easy share item and I gave in.

It was like tasting more than just pizza for the 1st time as we indulged in the nights special pizza and a few others. The special pizza was my fav!  Each bite was a unique and delightful experience as it contained toppings ranging from portabello mushrooms, to prosciutto to smoked salmon. OMG! I want it again, NOW, as I write this review!  Super thin perfectly done crust, light tomato sauce and amazingly, not too heavy but super tasty cheese!  A must try on your visit!  If you like beets, their trio beet salad was fabulous. For those who like lettuce based salads, my friends said the pear, almond one was fantastic too!

Liquors, coffee, dessert all looked great but we were just stuffed and content with wine + cosmopolitan martinis.

Overall, an amazing experience!  We already booked again for this week and again in a few weeks on a Saturday night as apparently it transforms into a fabulous energy pumping night club late night!  Can't wait!!!

xo Samantha Graff

aka as the "Youth" in Youth + Expereince = Success!

The Graff Girls

To book your experience of Buonanotte, YES we highly recommend call 416-599-7246

19 Mercer St.

Toronto, Ontario

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The GRAFF GIRLS Restaurant Review #5 - Il Mulino
Monday, 18 February 2013, 09:42:18 AM
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il mulino

A GRAFF GIRLS Family FAV! (Il Mulino Italian Fine Dining)

We were just here Tuesday night, for my sister in laws birthday! Located MidTown  - on Eglinton just east of Allen Expressway - it works well for our family.  Even more so Tuesday night, as my nieces were at dance at Bathurst/Eglinton - a quick hop over to meet us all.

Il Mulino is consistent with their quality and service.  I always get whatever the Fish is for the night but they also always have Spigella Sea Bass that is fabulous and Grilled Shrimp.

Another regualr for myself, Cheryl and my older brother is their grilled calamari appetizer.  It is a good size, grilled perfectly and not too oily.

Cheryl typically starts with their soup special, salad or as mentioned grilled calamari and gets the chicken or lamb chop or veal chop and simply loves them all! Although, I usually have to help her finish the last few bites of her main course! Probably so she can have a little room for dessert!

My father, for someone who is a creature of habit actually seem to eat different main courses each time we go.  Usually depends on what he had the last 2 nights. The point being is that they always have something for everyone and we always go home feeling FULL and and more than satisfied.

I will take a moment to acknowledge their service as for those who are not patient and don't do well with fine italian dining i would definitely not encourage trying this restaurant - even though it is worth the wait! The staff are very formal and patient and do not rush you or their chef.  Perhaps, not the best choice on a week night with kids who need to get home to do homework. :)

It is a quiet low lit restaurant that I truly adore.  I love it's simplicity yet formal relaxing atmosphere. As mentioned, the quality of food and variety of options simply work well for our family.

From our family to yours, Happy family Day a Restaurant worth indulging in.

xo Samantha Graff

aka as the "Youth" in Youth + Expereince = Success!

The Graff Girls


Il Mulino

1070 Eglinton Ave. West

Toronto, Ontario


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GRAFF GIRLS Restaurant Review #4 Bent
Monday, 04 February 2013, 09:48:32 AM
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Japanese is my FAV cuisine! So, i was super excited to finally experience Bent on Dundas Street West.

Furthermore, experiencing another possible, hot spot by Susur Lee warms my heart!

Bent offers their diners a hip vibe, friendly staff and tasty small plates.

Not the place to go if starving and as they say "on a beer budget."

Susur Lee maintains his status with knowledgeable staff (they list all ingredients in dishes as they serve them) and tasty dishes including: a rare filet of beef -  Lightly Seared Beef, Herbed Olive Oil, Momiji Oroshi, Diced Scallion, Ume Spicy Ponzu, Melted Beer Cheese Crouton - Seared Tuna - Lightly Seared Tuna, Marinated Shitake Mushrooms, Citrus, Yuzu, Wasabi, Avocado, with Rice Cake - Kale & Tofu Salad - Kale, Marinated Miso Tofu, Grated Asian Pear, Crispy Gobo and a Sesame Dressing - these were some of the items we opted for and all were delish!  After dinner, your server brings a trio of desserts as seen in photo above on the house.  A nice touch or to make up for small plates of food? :)

It was nice to be off King St West for a change - I got street parking on Dundas St West!

The crowd seemed to be hip, trendy, energetic, 30+ professionals .works for me! :)
Music was loud as were diners. So, if sensitive to noise or on a business dinner I would keep in mind and/or save for another night.

Wine was an enjoyable shiraz from South Australia that always puts the perfect added touch to the evening!
Enjoy it!

xo Samantha Graff aka The "Youth" of Youth + Experience= Success!

Graff Girls



777 Dundas St. W



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Movie Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Posted on Sun, 20 Jan 2013, 04:16:39 PM  in Reviews


Just recently I took my Grand Children to the movies to watch
The Hobbit: An Unexpcted Journey.
To be honest this was not the kind of movie I would sit down and enjoy but my Grand Children absolutely loved the blockbuster trilogy.

J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" was written as a prequel to the original three: "Lord of the Rings" books. However, when transposed to the screen, the book was split into three movies.
"An Unexpected Journey" is the first installment of the series.

The film covers the beginning of a new adventure for a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. The hobbit's tale is introduced when he is approached by a group of dwarfs requesting his aid in their attempt to regain their lost homeland.

After joining the group of dwarfs, Bilbo Baggins is tested with a series of trials and perils that test his own values.

I thought the cinematography in the movie was just incredible. The director did an outstanding job in giving visual aid to the audience.
Overall, the movie was a great watch for the kids and they truly did enjoy the movie. This is a movie that is definitely worth seeing.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Warm Regards,

Cheryl Graff - Youth + Experience = Success!

Graff Girls

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GRAFF GIRLS Restaurant Review #2 Riz North Family Restaurant
Posted on Sun, 13 Jan 2013, 10:49:53 AM  in Reviews
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I went to a friend's milestone birthday - so nice to be 21! :) - at the popular uptown family resto Riz North on Yonge Street by Fairlawn.   This was a little different experience, who knew there was a private room upstairs? Actually, there were 3 rooms/areas. We were welcomed and started in one room with cocktails (lots of grey goose going around but I stuck to my usual, California, Red Cab SAV. After a week of vodka in Dominican and undrinkable red wine, i didn't mind this one but didn't write the name down to buy again. You can't expect much in an Japanese Thai resto when it comes to red wine.  Appetizers were also served consisting of salmon sushi rolls and I believe avocado rolls - not bad nothing to write home about.  We proceeded to a sit down dinner for 30 pple in a separate room.  A variety of  dishes, chosen by the hosts, kept coming out from crispy sesame beef (one of my favs) to their famous drunken garlic shrimp with lemon butter, parsley, garlic, rice wine and tri wild rice, to Tamarind Vegetables with tofu, sweet and sour tamarind, onions, red/green peppers, mushrooms and noodles, to a delish Vietnamese yellow curry chicken with lime leaves, lemongrass and turmeric. Typically, I am not a huge fan of curry but i was loving this dish - always try you never know!

Assuming the cupcakes came from elsewhere (hopefully, d-lish cupcakes on Yonge in Yorkville) - 1 of my FAVS! but we were also served little dishes of mango ice cream which of course, i LOVED!

For those who get the FULL feeling from Asian style food there is a 3rd area to relax on couches which a few of us hung out after most left.  Love being part of the intimate after party!

Overall, Riz is a great family restaurant for the neighbourhood.  The staff are friendly and accustom to accomodating families with little kids, especially on Friday and Sunday night.  Don't go there on these nights, if you are not in the mood for kids or seeing someone you know!  It also is a great casual, easy and low key restaurant for a 30-40 sit down dinner party.

Xo Samantha Graff aka the "Youth" of Youth+Experience= Success!



Riz North Restaurant

3321 Yonge St. (near Fairlawn)



By the way, Riz's 1st restaurant located on Bayview Avenue south of Eglinton serves Gluten Free Options.

1677 Bayview Avenue


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